Helping Others...

is our way of life at Smith Brothers.

We're here for one reason: to create a positive difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s helping to protect our clients from uncertainty or volunteering in our communities, doing all we can to help others is in our DNA.

The following show examples of how our team bands together and combines their skills, connections, and personal energy to make good things happen for others.

Smith Brothers. You can be sure we’ll be there when you need us. Because to us, helping others is what really matters.


DEC 2015

JUNE 2015




Small Details Yield Big Results

A crack in a windshield. That’s the last thing someone wants to deal with. So when a client called us about a cracked windshield in their late model luxury sedan, we immediately located a glass replacement vendor – a preferred vendor with their insurance carrier.

The vendor indicated they would install a non-OEM windshield. The client objected to having an aftermarket part installed in their vehicle.

Our claims specialist listened to the client’s concern and called the adjuster who confirmed that a non-OEM windshield would be installed. Rather than accepting that, our claims specialist asked the adjuster: “Show me please, where in the policy it indicates ‘like kind and quality’ is a non-OEM part.” The adjuster acquiesced and agreed to pay for an original manufacturer’s windshield.

We applaud our claims specialist for not accepting an answer she did not agree with, and for taking that extra step to advocate for our client. Perhaps that is one reason why this particular client has trusted us with their insurance needs for over 19 consecutive years.


The $700,000 Difference

Exactly 90 days after we wrote insurance for a new client – a church in northern Connecticut – their building burned to the ground from arson. The church was the architectural and spiritual center of the town.

Two issues appeared on the horizon quickly:
1. We had increased the limit of insurance on the building by $1,000,000 more than the previous agency.
2. The ordinance or law (O&L) coverage on a building constructed in the 19th century would be significant.

The independent adjuster informed us that O&L would cover $100,000. The O&L coverage was provided by a company manuscript endorsement which was potentially ambiguous. After we explained the ambiguity in detail, the carrier paid $500,000 for O&L. In addition, our client received a claim settlement on the building $300,000 higher than the prior agency’s building limit. Finally, we wrote replacement cost coverage on an organ that cost $500,000 to replace compared to an actual cash value inland marine floater that the prior agency wrote.

Ninety one days earlier, with a different agency, the church would have felt a $700,000 shortfall in reconstructing their building. Based on our coverage recommendations and looking out for the client’s best interests, this client had the funds for an updated reconstruction of a 19th century church, complete with modern systems and amenities.