Attention To Detail

My name is Kyle Wolff. I am a husband, father, a former special operations officer for the US Government, a first time blogger and a Risk Advisor with Smith Brothers Insurance.

My teammate, Brian Terry, was killed in action December 14, 2010. He died from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen delivered by combatant gunfire. As part of the “after action review” or AAR, I decided two things:
1) My tactics, in any profession, would be predicated on an ‘attention to detail’ mindset
2) Working for the government was not the long-term play for my family

Using the experience and skills learned in special operations, I’ve developed a proprietary and proven method to protect businesses and the risks business owners face. It’s a transparent and diagnostic process aimed to help a business owner understand their exposures and how to properly avoid, retain, transfer, or mitigate them.

Using this very specific formula, I am able to ensure my clients are protected, or at the very least, make active decisions not to implement a risk management strategy.

I’m super passionate about analyzing risk, teaching about risk and supporting my clients.
So, instead of studying and analyzing topographic maps and kill zones, I focus on contractual risk transfer and analyzing policy forms for business owners all over the country….

One thing has remained constant – Attention To Detail – it is the secret sauce!


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