The Great Pivot

Last month, some of my peers who are leaders and entrepreneurs and I, met with the University of Connecticut Men’s Hockey Team. Their head coach, Mike Cavanaugh, provides multiple opportunities throughout the year for his student-athletes to meet with business leaders as part of their mentor program. We focused on three themes.
  1. The Great Pivot – college into professional world
  2. Building Greatness – hockey program vision
  3. Leadership – big part of their culture
The guys asked great questions and, like all mentoring relationships, I learned as much from these young adults as I hope we were able to impart on them. Some takeaways…
  • Confirmed for me that student-athletes can make great hires. Being part of a team culture at this age is so beneficial – day in and out – demonstrating the skills and behaviors teams/businesses need to be successful.
  • The “Great Pivot” is filled with uncertainly and a great time for “mentors” to provide guidance and support as young adults figure out their path.
  • Great teams always have their purpose, values and standards front and center. Coach Cavanaugh’s Values align with Smith Brothers – respect, trust, humility, fun and impact – all at the core of building greatness.
  • To be a high achieving individual, team and/or company – it’s all about the “reps” – doing, learning, growing – while others are merely thinking about it.

#Go Huskies!

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