Own Your Wellbeing

Smith Brothers Insurance held its 7th Annual Walking Day on April 11, 2018. Some pictures from the day are in this month’s photo collage – we had a great turnout – even folks who were traveling or on vacation walked with us this year! This annual event is part of our 2018 Wellbeing Program – a series of events and resources for our people to have a relationship with themselves – investing time on themselves – for each of us to “Own Our Wellbeing.”

Our 2018 Wellbeing program is built around daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly “touches” we offer our team. Some examples:

Daily Videos posted on our intranet site, Be Connected – short videos encouraging people to “Eat Right. Move Right. Think Right.”
  • Mobility Monday
  • Thank You Tuesday
  • Walking Wednesday (well we offer 20-minute walks to our team members daily)
  • The Yoga Thursday
  • Five-Minute Friday
  • Daily, our team also has the opportunity to take a paid 20-minute walk and spend some time in meditation/mindfulness

Monthly – Dr. Guy Carbone, from Carbone Chiropractic Center in Wethersfield, CT leads a Wellbeing Series focused on “Eat Right. Move Right. Think Right.”
  • Q1 – Nutrition
  • Q2 – Sleep
  • Q3 – Movement
  • Q4 – Emotional, Mental, Spiritual

  • Financial Series
  • Aetna Get Active Challenge – partnership with our insurance carrier (Aetna also offers discounts, programs and resources to our folks via their Aetna portal).

Our learning and development curriculum also falls into our Wellbeing Program – “soft skills”, technical skills, life skills – all critical to our growth – individual, team and company – again, here for people to open their minds and hearts to possibilities of what learning and connecting with others brings to their life.

We believe, everyone has greatness – it is particular to them – this program is about education, tools and “touches”. When someone is ready to do the work, become aware to find their greatness – mind, body and spirit – the resources, tools and education can be put into practice. I have asked each person at Smith Brothers to “Own Your Wellbeing”. What this means for one person may be different for another. Own it for you. Look at Eat Right, Move Right and Think Right – educate yourself, find your spots and get better in each area. Whatever this means to you, find your greatness!

If you would like to learn more about our Wellbeing program – tools, resources, events and how to implement – please contact Carol Pandiscia at 860-430-3219


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