A Letter From the President

This website – http://info.trendwatching.com/21-trends-for-2021 – with it’s easy to read layout of trends for 2021 is new to me. It caught my eye as I see each new year as a time to reflect on the past and look forward to what we can create for ourselves and our companies. Reflecting on 2020 – it was for sure unique – yet, amongst all the friction and uncertainty, opportunities arise. The site shares 21 trend driven innovation opportunities for 2021. I am not endorsing the ideas, simply reading about them and sharing as possible ideas and thought starters.

Data, digital, mental health, equal opportunity for all, and caring about “green” stick out. Whether you see some ideas for personal goals, or how your company can align, it is always worthy to look ahead and see if you can bring some good to the world using your creativity and leveraging opportunities ahead.

Be Sure.


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