A Letter From the President

One of the many lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that, despite our differences, we are all interdependent – truly globally connected. Whether it be relying on our neighbors to maintain six feet at the grocery store, or imploring our kids to pick up after themselves, this public health crisis has illuminated the extent to which our successes, our comfort, and our health all depend on the goodwill and respect of each other. We have all spent a lot of thought on trying to stay focused on the health experts versus the media messages, and balance the primary public health issue versus the psychological and economic impacts of being sheltered in. Here at Smith Brothers, our main purpose – the one that guides all that we do – is helping others. It dictates everything from the way we serve our clients, to our commitment to giving back to our community and each other. As our society gradually begins to reopen and we look to return to our normal routines, all of us at Smith Brothers recognize that even an act as small as washing your hands, or respecting the various concerns others may have towards the process, now counts as helping others. For all of the immense challenges this pandemic has presented us with, it has also provided us with a unique opportunity. It’s granted us with a new perspective on the innumerable ways, both big and small, we can make a positive impact on each other. While we all hope that the majority of the effects of COVID-19 eventually are solved by treatments that keep us all safe, it is also our hope that we learn that despite our personal viewpoints, or fears, we respect each other. We are truly interdependent – so we need to take this journey together. A Smith Brothers team member passed along an episode of Tim Ferriss’ podcast, featuring Jim Dethmer, titled “How to Shift from Victim Consciousness, Reduce Drama, Practice Candor, Be Fully Alive and More.” In the episode, Dethmer, an author, speaker, and founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, shares best practices on how we can work through our negative thoughts to become the most engaged, present version of ourselves at work, at home, and in our communities. These skills are especially important in times like these, so we can act out of strength rather than fear. I look forward to listening. Let’s use our differences as a strength to get us collectively to a better place. This requires respect for each other and being united in our empathy for one another. This will help reduce the uncertainty and fear, and focus on hope and unity that makes us all better in the long run. As we come out the other end of COVID-19 – knowing full well another challenge will come our way – we can gain confidence that as a free society, we used our freedoms to be “united” and make it through stronger as a collective group. Other less free societies may be able to dictate how their citizens behave. We, as a free society, rely on our “togetherness.” Be Sure. Joe


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