A Letter From the President- December 2019

On this last month of the year 2019, I want to start by thanking all of those who have a stake in Smith Brothers – our team, our clients, our community, our trading partners, and our financial partners. Smith Brothers works extremely hard to be a company that performs its purpose of Help Others in a way that optimizes all of our stakeholders – not one at the expense of another. This often makes work a lot “harder” and takes extra effort and creative thought that constantly seeks those “third” solutions to get to win/win. Our team members are the key to making this all happen consistently and as we grow not to lose the special culture we all have created. They work hard to see ahead, align, stay client focused, and investing in themselves to grow personally as well as professionally. An amazing thing to watch. We will end 2019 with another solid year financially ranking in the Top Quartile of our industry. Our size makes us a top 100 Broker in the US and growing double digits annually (for the last 20 plus years). We have chosen to take a path that can show for profit businesses can do good, be good people, be kind to others, help others, care for others – and yes – be top performers in their industry – financially and operationally – allowing for optimizing all stakeholders and re-investing in ourselves for sustainability. Businesses do not have to sacrifice goodness for value creation. Caring and being kind to others is a powerful force. Not only are you choosing to conduct yourself with the contribution of adding value to someone else’s life, you are feeding the roots of happiness within us individually. In a society where individual achievement and focus on individual “feel good “ is so prevalent, research shows, caring and kindness matter more to “feel good”. Research by Dr Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard professor, indicates people focused on caring for others and having a balanced understanding of achievement and individual happiness tend to be healthier, happier, and more successful than those focused more on achievement and individual happiness. I am a believer that taking care of yourself is critical in making sure you can take care of others. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. What is note worthy is taking care of oneself alone won’t do it. It isn’t always easy as the world can be a nasty place. I saw a quote the other day – “be kind to the unkind”. Not necessarily easy, yet probably can change the world if we all started doing it. ‘Tis the season to be kind to others – yet make it a point to carry it through 2020 and make it truly a “Happy New Year”. Be Sure Joe


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