Letter from the President – April 2019

I recently attended the Travelers Leadership Council and wanted to share some work the Travelers Institute is doing on distracted driving. This public policy and thought leadership division of the Travelers created a symposium series, Every Second Matters, aimed at raising awareness about distracted driving risks through events on college campuses across the United States and Canada.

According to the Travelers Institute, “Each day nine people are killed by distracted driving, leaving their stories unfinished.”

This month I am attaching items from the Travelers Institute website:

1. The first is an article titled Everyone Can Play a Role in Preventing Distracted Driving. This quick and important read gets you thinking about your own distracted driving habits, the rise in accidents, and the increase in auto insurance rates. According to this article, “studies have shown most people believe distracted driving is not their problem; it’s the other person’s problem.”

Everyone Can Play a Role in Preventing Distracted Driving

2. Two links to the Unfinished Stories or Phil LaVallee and Shreya Dixit – both were killed by distracted drivers and never got to finish their stories.
The Route: Phil’s Unfinished StoryThe Stage: Shreya’s Unfinished Story

Please share with your kids – your family – your employees – your neighbors and your network – let’s make the stigma of distracted driving not acceptable in our society so we can stop Unfinished Stories caused by distracted driving.

Be Sure.



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