Joe Discusses
Our Values and Building Trust

Joe Discusses
Our Be Sure Service Standards

Joe Discusses
Our Be Sure Management Creed

Our Be Sure Promise outlines our commitment to quality across our agency and the high standards of conduct we have with all of our stakeholders. We deliver on Our Be Sure Promise because we conduct ourselves within our values, our standards and our Quality program.

Our Values

Trust. Be honest, fair and reliable
Respect. Earn respect and always be kind.
Creativity. Seek the unknown for better results.
Fun. Laugh hard. Live fully. Celebrate often.

Our Be Sure Sales Standards are rooted in being consultative and diagnostic. The process is built to put time, control and expertise in the hands of our clients. A relationship with Smith Brothers Insurance means you’ll always know our planning, products, services, expertise – and values – are hard at work helping you achieve your goals.

Our Be Sure Service Standards are principles that align and inspire us every day. Everything we do is focused on building an enduring reputation of value and trust, which is the foundation of our brand.

Our Be Sure Management Creed – Operating Standards
Our Management Creed is a declaration of our people focused philosophy and in place for our leaders and managers to know what is expected of them in their daily actions and behaviors.

Live our Helping Others purpose.
Live our Be Sure Culture.
It’s not about you – it’s about servant leadership.
All your actions matter – everyone is watching.
Hold each other accountable to our Be Sure Standards.
Hit our business results.
Celebrate success.