Chester Office: Formerly Archambault Insurance

Insuring Connecticut for Over 100 Years

Established in 1907, George C. Emmons created a small insurance agency in the sleepy town of Chester. The agency’s long and successful history parallels the extraordinary growth of the 20th century in the United States.

Mr. Emmons, the maternal great grandfather of Raymond and Thomas Archambault, established the original family agency bearing his name as a provider of residential and commercial insurance for the Middlesex County market. During his stewardship and until his death in 1935, the agency grew from its inception as a small fire insurance provider into a larger and more diversified firm. After his passing, the business was taken over by his married daughter Marion Watrous, who guided the business through the challenging Depression era and WWII years.

Following the war Marion welcomed back her sons and son in law from service to their country. It was a time of transitioning the family businesses to the next generation. Marion’s daughter Hazel Archambault was now married to a young Hartford man she had met at UCONN who had a penchant for sales and a desire to have his own business. Harry enthusiastically took over the insurance agency in hopes that he could breathe new life into this little business. In 1961 with a now thriving and diversified agency, the business was renamed Harry Archambault Insurance.

After more than 25 years of hard work and resulting success, Harry welcomed his son Raymond into the agency. Two years later his son, Thomas joined them and in 1975 the agency was renamed, Archambault Insurance, representing this joint venture of a father and his two sons and they planned for another generational succession. Raymond and Thomas purchased the agency from their father outright in 1986 and proceeded to experience unparalleled growth in the business.

Twenty-five years later with a booming agency in hand, the brothers began to plan for the next transition and sought another partner who would reflect the same values of their family business. The next leap would be to become a local operating part of a strong regional business which would keep the agency apace of the current market demands and meet the expectations of their growing client base. The solution was at hand in the form of Smith Brothers of Glastonbury CT.

In November 2014 Archambault Insurance merged with Smith Brothers insurance. Smith Brothers had evolved as a family business as well and they recognized the importance of community spirit and presence as had the Archambault family. There was a commitment to remain in the Chester community with the same staff and personalized service that had been ongoing for over a hundred years before this. This new association with Smith Brothers provided clients with an expansion of products and services that enhanced the smaller Archambault Insurance.

The Smith Brothers agency and its staff in Chester, formerly known as Archambault Insurance, are active members of the Connecticut River Valley community. They continue to see their clients as neighbors, providing a level of service, honesty, and professionalism without peer in the business.