Somers & Windsor Lock Offices: Formerly Carillo & Howland

People First

Carillo & Howland was an agency created out of two: the Charles S. Carillo Insurance Agency from Windsor Locks and Howland & Sargent from Somers. Brought together through fate, the two agencies merged on January 1, 2014 to form Carillo & Howland.

H&S was formed in 1989 when Chris Howland decided to go into business for himself despite having the opportunity to perpetuate a family business in Webster Mass. Chris and his wife, Mary, grew their agency from nothing to a premier operation in north central Connecticut.

CSC was established in 1957 by Charles S. Carillo. His son, David, would perpetuate the agency in 1977 and again be perpetuated in 2007 by Jared Carillo. David was to credit for the real growth of the agency as under his stewardship the shop grew substantially

As fate would have it, Chris and David were friendly competitors who would often meet for breakfast to exchange ideas and best practices. When David passed in the winter of 2007, Chris reached out to Jared.

The rest, as they say, is history. Chris mentored Jared through an emotional perpetuation and was a positive force in ensuring the successful perpetuation of Jared’s business. Jared and Chris formed a bond quickly and began to integrate operations via a Joint Venture in 2011. Soon thereafter it became apparent to both that the synergies between the two agencies were too great to ignore and as a result Carillo & Howland was formed on January 1, 2014.

Chris and Jared always operated from a “people first” perspective. As Chris continued to sell, Jared began to hunt for the next path of opportunity. After reaching out to several partners to evaluate opportunities, Jared met with Joe Smith to glean some knowledge around mergers and acquisitions. Again, it soon became apparent that the synergies were too great to ignore and the opportunities for the team were too wonderful to pass up.

In July of 2015 Carillo & Howland merged its assets into Smith Brothers in order to build the agency of the future. With new markets, capabilities, and opportunities the future was brighter with, than without, Smith Brothers.