Succession/Retirement/Financial Advisor


For over 20 years, Jeff has been advising business owners on how to best protect their assets, prepare for retirement and accomplish their financial goals. Business owners have unique challenges as their personal and business assets overlap creating additional risk. Jeff and his team provide advisory services to help business owners at all stages, from starting up a new business, acquisition, succession, exiting and selling of a business. Jeff follows a holistic planning approach that incorporates both the personal and business owners planning needs. This approach will provide a plan that protects and prepares not just the business owner, but also their family and the business through all stages of owning a business.

Jeff’s areas of expertise are Succession & Exit planning, Executive Benefits, Attracting & Retention of Key Employees, Retirement Plans, Define Benefits Plans and Deferred Compensation. He and his team work in collaboration with the client’s other advisors to provide the most efficient and successful outcomes. Jeff’s involvement in each phase of the process allows business owners to spend less time worrying about how and when they retire, and more time ensuring the success of their business and financial wellbeing. 

Jeff currently lives in Riverton, CT and enjoys spending time with his two children, fly fishing, kayaking and golf.