Letter from the President – September 2018

In August, our Smith Brothers Insurance team partnered with Hands on Hartford to “ready” the Breakthrough Magnet School in the North End of Hartford for the start of the school year.

Katherine Leonard, the principal of the school, welcomed us and shared the school’s values and standards with us. Their focus is on learning, “soft skills” and the well being of their students – principles any business can relate to. We had the opportunity to paint, rake, landscape, weed, create bulletin boards, organize the library and wash equipment.

This opportunity aligned so well with our big purpose to “Help Others” and there is nothing better, especially as a CEO, than our Smith Brothers team members working together to make a difference – a “true example” of how we help others in what we do.

As the day ended, the Hands On Hartford project manager let us know how the kids in Hartford “feel bad” about the way people outside of Hartford speak about “how bad Hartford is”- as they directly relate this to themselves. I personally never looked at the negative talk about Hartford effecting kids who go to school or live in Hartford. By spending the time to help, the project manager said it gives the kids pride that others cared. Truly a nice thing to hear – our work not only helped the school get ready, it also has an effect on how the kids feel about themselves and their pride.

We at Smith Brothers Insurance are truly grateful to all our stakeholders for allowing us to make our community a little better every day.

Be Sure.


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