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At Smith Brothers, our claims professionals will work with you to make sure your claim receives proper attention and resolution. Here are examples of real-life situations where we helped resolve our insured’s claim to their complete satisfaction.

Real Stories. Real People.

Claim #1: Auto Repair
Our insured had his vehicle stolen from his driveway. After two weeks, the vehicle was deemed a total loss by the insurance carrier. The next day, the vehicle was recovered with $4,000 worth of damage. It was deemed repairable, but the time the insured would be without his vehicle was over a month. The problem was that the insured only had rental coverage for 30 days and the carrier would not agree to extend the coverage.

Smith Brothers appealed to the carrier, citing it was through no fault of the insured’s that he would go over the 30-day period. The carrier reversed its original decision and the entire rental bill was covered. The insured was very happy Smith Brothers was there to advocate for him throughout the entire claims process.

Claim #2: Airbag Inspection
Our insured had a windshield claim and the glass repair company came out and replaced the windshield. The week after the replacement, there was a strong rain storm. It turned out the windshield was not installed correctly, and water got into the vehicle, damaging the inside. The adjuster came out to inspect the car, deemed there was minor damage, and sent the insured a check for $400.00.

Our insured was upset as he wanted the dashboard to be taken apart and the airbags inspected for safety. Understandably, he wanted to ensure his family would be safe. The carrier denied this request twice, stating the airbags could be tested without taking the dashboard apart. We appealed to the supervisor of the claims department, and we were able to get the repairs and inspections approved for our insured. He felt safe and was happy we were willing to go to bat for him and his family.

Claim #3: Fallen Tree
We had an insured who had a tree fall on a chicken coop he operated on his property. While the structure was ruined, all the chickens were unharmed. The insured was able to get the coop repaired, but it seemed the chickens were so scared and stressed that they did not lay any eggs for a full month. The insured was able to prove the income he would have received from the sale of the eggs, and he was able to collect for lost income.

Claim #4: Water Damage
An insured living in a condo unit suffered water damage as a result of her upstairs neighbor letting the bathtub overflow. Her mattress and box spring were ruined, as well as all of her carpeting. The claim was filed for her personal property and a claim was also filed with the at-fault party’s carrier, as well as the Condo Association policy carrier. Our insured’s policy would cover the cost to replace her mattress and box spring, but she would be responsible for the deductible until the claim could subrogate against her neighbor. She did not have the $500 deductible she needed to get her new bedding. We called the neighbor’s carrier, and we were able to have them pay for the mattress and box spring directly, no deductible needed.

As the condo’s carpets were being cleaned, a moving company was hired to remove the insured’s belongings until the carpet cleaning was completed. During the move, several items were lost. The moving company acknowledged this happened but said that because the insured signed a release, they were not responsible for the loss. We spoke with the moving company on several occasions to resolve the issue and the end result was reimbursement to our client for the lost items.

Claim #5: Condo Fire
An insured’s condo was a total loss from a fire that started in his neighbor’s condo unit. The insured was at work when the fire happened, and when he arrived home he found himself homeless. Everything he owned was lost. His friends and co-workers took up a collection so he could get some immediate essentials, and he had no idea how to proceed with his coverage. We immediately filed his claim for him and requested an immediate advance after the property was inspected. The carrier advanced $2,500 and, at the insured’s request, we helped him fill out a personal property inventory list and answered his questions about housing options. The insured’s personal property loss was expedited so payment could be furnished in a timely manner. The claim even covered the insured’s new rental policy! Our insured was very happy with how Smith Brothers and their carrier advocated for him in handling his claim.