What Benefits do Employees look for?

Talented, hard-working employees are essential to your business. Once you find them, you don’t want to lose them. One way to help ensure you retain good employees is by offering employee benefits. Offering a good employee benefits package can help boost employee productivity and improve employee morale. Smith Brothers Insurance has put together a list of the benefits that most employees are looking for.

The most expected (and most desired) employee benefit is health benefits – health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, etc. Around 88% of employees said the quality and options of health benefits were an important factor when deciding to take a job. However, only 41% of employers offer health insurance as part of their benefits package! Offering health benefits can help keep a healthy workforce. Being able to see a doctor, or dentist, when needed can keep employees healthy and happy. When you feel better, you work better.

When accepting a job, employees say that paid time off is an important deciding factor. Only around 36% of employers offer paid time off. 50% of woman and 26% of men said paid time off is very important to them. Having time off allows an employee to decompress and relax, which could increase productivity when they return to work.

Other important benefits are life insurance, retirement plans, and additional perks, such as gym memberships or flexible work schedules. While offering employee benefits may cost you a bit more initially, the long-term advantages can greatly outweigh the costs to your overall success. Your benefits plan will help you attract better employees and keep them around for the long haul. For more information regarding employee benefits, give Smith Brothers Insurance a call at 860-652-3235 or to speak with one of our risk advisors, or visit us online at https://smithbrothersusa.com/.



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